What is Branding website versus Ecommerce website

Well, maybe not everyone knows the ters Branding website. But that is basically what Soulfy website is. It is a branding website that is 90% dedicated to grow your brand.

Every single website that is created by Soulfy platform is designed to emphasize the site owner’s Brand. Looking at the design of the site, you can immediately tell that the distribution of attention that is presented by the site is very obvious, top left corner.

That is why, a photo profile area is dedicated solely to promote and emphasize a logo, an image, a brand.

Now, on the other side of the coin there is ecommerce site. What’s the problem with ecommerce site? Well, there is one major problem. Your site’s BRAND usually gets burried so deep, the visitors or even buyers often time left the site with a product she/he just bought without having any clue who they just bought the product from. What brand, what’s the logo looks like, etc. So, this is terrible, terrible, terrible.

Now, you see the difference? 🙂

What is wrong with the current website platforms?

Nothing is wrong with existing website builders and platform. But, wether you like it or not, not everyone find what available today to be easy to use. So, that is when Soulfy comes in. It is even easier,  and the most important point is… it is functional, and useable for the owner.

As the first article attempting to explain about Soulfy’s platform, in simple words: It is a website with fixed theme, menus, and structure. But, you can change the background, photo profile, colors of menu that make you feel like your on that popular social media, yes the blue one. 🙂

Adding photos, pasting youtube url, connecting to your social media also as easy as playing around in your favorite social media platform, the only thing is… it is YOURS!