Who is Soulfy, and what do we do?

Since 2010, we have been lerning, studying, analyzing, and experimenting with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in our region. We have learned that there are plenty of problems in the field, regarding the use of web technologies amost SMEs. Often times, the problems are simply best solved by outsourcing it to others, the experts. Unfortunately by doing so, outsourcing it may result in a significant rise of cost. Therefore, a better solution is needed.

In 2014, we started the development of our platform based on our research and development, interviews, test and trials, face to face discussion and trial of web technologies with SMEs, and released of different systems that we want to try in the field. And the result is quiet surprising. Many of the problems are actually not that complicated, but still need to be outsourced. In this case, we have decided that outsourcing it to a form of technology that is customized for the users, especially SMEs is the best way to do it. And we did this by creating a platofrm.

Soulfy.com platform was launched in 2014. Providing an ecosystem for SMEs in one single step, A Phone Call. That is the simplest way to use our platform to order a website through our platform. By placing a call, making a payment, and notifying the domain name that is desired, an SME can have a fully working website as soon as he/she hangs up the phone. Although, if preferred, an online form filling may also provide the same outcome. Fill out the online form, and have a website as soon as you make the onine payment.

Today, our platform has gone as far as the 25th Version, when this 'about us' section is written. That is how for SMEs have interacted with us through our platform, which results in released of revisions in versions to answer their demands. So far, we have managed to keep our clients hassle-free, and get them to focus on selling and growing their core businesses, rather than worrying how to get their websites created or functioning. We are always seeking for inputs, and that is what's reflected on every single Soulfy website out there. We hope to continue to help SMEs and anyone who can use our services as long as we can.

Erik Nainggolan


Holds Electrical Engineering degree, but studied web technology since 1994, USA. Initiated online database system for HIPMI (40k members nation wide). Code: html, php. Information Technology Vice Chairman in Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Eaestern Indonesia Economic Council.
Role: Lead, Network, Vision of the company.

Arthur Tumbel


Chairman of Indonesian Entrepreneour Association (IWI). Implemented the use of web technology in the organisation, to empower the members. Code: Html, php, css. Self taught entrepreneur.
Role: Manages and Oversees technical aspects of the company.

Ray Nainggolan


Studied and acquired Computer Science, Graphic design, Accounting, with Bachelor degree  in Business Administration from Gordon College, MA, USA.
Role: Oversees operational and goal achieving mission of the company.

Ester Perawati

General Manager

Proficient in business administration planning and executions. Experienced in task management, planning, for government and private companies administrations. 
Role: General administrative control and management.



Holds Business Administration degree from YAI. Experienced in accounting, finance, aand administrative roles.

Our Values

Trusts from our clients that we are really there to solve their problems, are of utmost importance in our mission.


We develope our ideas, and we prepare plans to expand it.


In this era of disruption and abundance, speed becomes a major factor.


Simple and efficient.


High adaptivity bridges our technology to current practices and the future's.

Value in affordability

Make it affordable, people will appreciate it.


We give away knowledge to empower and to grow.

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