What website design? :)

Don't panic, we really do take website design seriously, as a matter of fact we take it very seriously. To the point, that we think we have to go beyond normal circumstances. That is why, what you are seeing now in a Soulfy website, a uniquely formed and developed website with such a unique and original look.

With all the variations and complexity of web design out there, we simply it to most eye pleasing and functional at the same time. What we mean by functional is, for example the Time line.

Timeline is the three stripes 'freeway' like triangle at the bottom of the profile picture on the rotary menu. The timeline is designed and put there to draw attention back to the action buttons, to make things happen. Wether it be an email action, a telephone call, and hopefully lead to transactions.

So, leave it all to us, because the look and feel of the site is dynamic and adopt to the latest development in the industry.

Use the Update feature, and get the newly added features to your website from time to time. You'll be surprise what maybe coming into your website.

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Main Features:

Web version Updates

Fully Responsive / Mobile Ready

SEO Oriented design

Full Ownership Rights and Sources


Web Look and Feel



Web background technology

Buttons options

Photo Gallery

Video Gallery

Bubble Preview

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with other platforms


To date integrated with





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Email GUI


Article Feature

Create Page Feature

Stock Photo System

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Fully Responsive / Mobile Friendly

Is a must. Soulfy web is a pleasure viewed with mobile smarphones, in vertical or horizontal orientation.

Viewing it from bigger medium such as ipad, tab, laptop, or pc, is a luxury. It is like seeing a piece of art! Not just a website! And it is still transforming. So, bare with us. :)

Included with all packages as standard:

Photo Gallery Slide Show module, Video Gallery Slide Show module, integration with social media posting like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube without leaving your website.

SEO Oriented web design

Fill out three SEO fields we provided, and you have just become an SEO coder without having to learn coding. The three minimum steps is enough to get you on the first page of a google search page.

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Fully Responsive

Watch it horizontally or vertically and get a different experience everytime.

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Design Sources

Leave it to our team. We are always reseraching and getting feedback from our call center to match your expectations. Then watch out for the update revision notification. :)

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Ownership Rights

From the moment you make a purchase, it is all yours. But you leave all the hardwork, development, maintenance, to us. With a PREMIUM SUPPORT, you get even more service. Like filling out your website, choosing images, writing articles, etc.

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