Soulfy Website

Q: Who can use Soulfy Website?
A: Soulfy can be used by anyone, entrepreneur; individual; foundation; SMEs and other
Q: How to buy Soulfy Website?
A: Please go to 
enter the desired domain name then proceed
     to the process of filling out the form and payment, or can immediately
     contact our call center for help registration, +61 407 004 843 (Australia), 
     +62 21 420 4132 (Indonesia)
Q: How do I set up the initial Soulfy Website?
A: For how to set up the initial Soulfy Website you can
visit our youtube in

Q: Does Soulfy web already connected to Instagram? 
A: yes it does, it already connected to instagram
Q: What's the Line Timeline & bubble content on the left?
A: The Timeline path is for easy searching of your last upload 
Q: How long does Soulfy Web process take and whether it can be directly used?
A: 3 Minutes, you can use it immediately
Q: What do I get when I buy Soulfy Web?
A: Domain, Hosting, Web, Email, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Integrated
     with Social media, photo stock form darwis triadi Indonesia Maestro of
     Photography, pages,SEO, E-commerce Web(with additional fee),
     Liason Officer Support 12/5
Q: How much Soulfy Web Price and how long?
A: The price is IDR 450K / year; $ 50/year (standart package), IDR 750K/Year;
     $70/Year (premium package)
Q: Does it have to be renewed every year? How many ?
A: Yes it must be renewed annually for standart package IDR 450K; $50 ,
     Premium Package IDR 750K; $70
Q: From where i get my content for my soulfy website?
A: From your own mobile handphone,tablet,pc
Q: How many emails can be made?
A: Meanwhile unlimited
Q: Is soulfy an online store website?
A: No Soulfy Website is a semi-online store
Q: Does Soulfy an web subdomain?
A: No it doesnt
Q: We can change what in soulfy website?
A: Photo Profile, Background, Articles, Photos, Videos, ect
Q: What kind a Special Feature that soulfy have that other website dont have?
A: Soulfy Web Free Upgrades, you can write your status in soulfy website 

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